Cubbie Games

Cubbie games, while similar to many other Awana games are noncompetitive. Although, it is good to introduce them to some concepts for conventional circle games, many games have an elimination, as part of them, that has to be reworked, or removed. Fortunately, it does not take much for children at that age to have fun; even if they are unable to follow complex instructions, it is of more importance is that the children have fun. Below is a list of some games:

Circle Reverse- simply have the children reverse direction, with either a command or by music.

Locomotion-have children move around a circle performing different motions such as: running, jumping, skipping, hopping, walking backwards, twirling, and marching.

Pretend to be animals-Cubbies uses a lot of animals in their curriculum, so children may get a kick out of just pretending to be different animals.

Musical Chairs without the elimination-Or you might use the construction paper squares or poly spots: of different color, with different numbers, or with different letters on them. Then simply have them change numbers, colors, or letter.

Bowling with soda bottles or circle pins

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